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     About Dr. Zak


Proven Track Record

I undertook my residency training at the Wichita Falls Family Practice Residency Program. My training included work at the ICU and ER, high risk OB and neonatal care, and assisting during surgical and endoscopic procedures.
After graduating from residency, I opened an independent practice out of Electra Memorial Hospital in Electra, Texas. In my office I welcomed a wide cross section of rural community, ranging from progressively aging population in need of management of chronic diseases to young families in need of pediatric care. Also, as this area’s livelihood revolves around ranching and oil field business, I attended to all kinds of trauma.
In 2013 my family moved to Grapevine. Over the next 5 years I have worked for Paladina Health, at their Coppell clinic. At Paladina I came in contact with a Direct Primary Care (DPC) model, which is built around an idea of patient centered medical home. The focus is shifted from assembly-line medicine to disease prevention and management of chronic conditions in highly personalized manner.

Margaret Zak, MD

I am one of those people that always knew what they wanted to be when they grow up  …and I wanted to be a physician.
Right about time when I was finishing medical school, my family immigrated to America.  Along with my parents and two younger siblings, we settled in Chicago, IL.  There I met my future husband – Jerry.
Not long after our wedding I matched with residency in Wichita Falls, TX.
I never imagined that we will stay in Texas for good but within a few months of moving here our minds were made.  Here in Texas we were joined by a pair (a boy, and two years later a girl) of wonderful kids.  After finishing residency we opened a clinic and started to give back to community that has welcomed us with open arms.  I hope that you will welcome me into your family.

Just in case that you wonder… I am native of Poland.  And if you are curious what Polish ladies (and gentleman) do in their spare time… Come and see me perform traditional Polish folk dances at numerous festivals around Texas.